Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY Perfect Little Tee

When it comes to a tee, oddly enough that happens to be one article of clothing I'm very particular about.  Mainly because I look for super soft, comfortable, quality cotton.  I need something with a nice stretch but not too stretchy, a good cut and will stand the test of time considering I keep my tee's for years before I retire them.  I'm a huge fan of Theory tee's because the brand seems to encompass all those qualities, but trying to amass a stockpile of Theory tee's will definitely cost you a pretty penny.

When I spotted this Calvin Klein Collection burnout fabric on sale at Fabric Counter I had to jump on it.  This tee fabric is probably more awesome than my Theory tee's and I had the perfect Vogue V8879 pattern to try it out on.  I made this top cropped which is a perfect resort top and  I plan to make another in a longer version as soon as I return home.  The pattern was super easy and because I tripple stitched the seams, It will last forever.

Pants- Michael Kors
Earrings: Pamela Love
Shades: Prada

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  1. What a cool t-shirt. Love those pants too.

    1. Thank you Sing, and they are sooo comfy.

  2. Super cutes and extra cool, def Miami wearable. And you know I am going to want one of my own.. IJS~ ;)T in Cali!!

  3. Super cutes, cool and def Miami friendly! Could add this into my order!! ;) T in Cali

  4. I love your style always elegant, classy, sophisticated and sexy without trying too hard. You nail it every time. I wish more bloggers would adopt the "you don't always have to dress in tight super short clothes to be sexy"



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