Saturday, November 14, 2015

DIY drop waist skirt

A few weeks ago while browsing Pinterest, I spotted a pick of Natasha Goldenberg wearing the cutest red drop waist skirt and decided it would look equally as awesome in this bright green ponte knit from found here,

This is a nice ponte with a lot of stretch that sews, irons and cuts well.  It's definitely a great fabric to have if in need of a standout color.

The pattern used was this McCalls M6842 view D with the following pattern alterations:

-Added 7" to the length of the yoke
-Added 16" to the length of the skirt
-Moved the zipper to the side

Shirt-DIY here
Heels- Schutz

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

DIY knit sweater

I have never been a big knit person until I spotted this big bulky knit at Mood Fabrics in NY.  It's simply AMAZING.  The moment I picked it up I envisioned an oversized sweater with pockets.  Everything about this fabric is perfect.  The outside is a mustard like color and the inside is a greenish grey wool which peeks out between the knit.  When I purchased this fabric I was the first one to open the bolt so I'm sure they have plenty left.  If wool bothers you, you will definitely need to line this one because it is quite itchy.

I didn't use a pattern for this sweater and just draped it for mine and Chandler's.  I'm sure any sweater pattern would work, I would just cut it a size or two too large.

Heels-Giuseppe Zanotti

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

DIY wool sleeveless coat

Fall and winter has to be my all time favorite seasons simply because I LOVE coats.  When I say, I love coats that is not an exaggeration.  When I think about what to wear, It always starts with outerwear.

When cleaning out my closet, it occurred to me that I don't own a single blue coat.  So enters this beautiful navy wool from Mood Fabrics I found while in NY a couple of months ago. It's pretty close to perfect! here is a great wool option found on

The patterns used for this coat was the top half of Simplicity 1756 and the bottom of vintage Simplicity 8130 with the following pattern alterations:

-Removed the open pockets and replaced them with flap welt pockets
-Added a double button
-Removed the vents
-Faced the arm holes
-Lined the coat with this silk 

Jeans- 7 For All Mankind
Shirt- J-crew
Heels- Manolo Blahnik
Clutch- Bottega Venetta

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Thursday, October 08, 2015

DIY whipped butter

Having a child has made me truly think about my food and what's in it.  I decide to make all Chandler's food because I couldn't wrap my brain around how a can of chicken and rice sitting on a shelf in a grocery store for months could ever be healthy for my baby.  I need my chicken to have a shelf life of three days and that shelf needs to be in my refrigerator.

That took me to thinking about foods we eat everyday starting with the milk expiring after only 5-7 days in my refrigerator, cream cheese going bad after 1week and the list goes on.

I'm making an attempt to do what I can with growing my own vegetables, making my beloved mozzarella and jam and a few other things.  Not only is it safer and healthier but it's so much fresher and will last many weeks longer, the taste is incredibly better and it's cheaper so for me it's a no brainer.

So enters the easiest, lightest, creamiest whipped butter EVER!


1qt heavy whipping cream
3/4 tsp salt

Kitchen tools
Kitchenaid- or any high powered mixer
Several towels-gets messy


 Add the cream and salt to the mixer and drape the towels over the mixer.  Using the paddle, mix on high.  (the towels are VERY necessary during several stages, this mix makes a mess)

Continue to whip on high...........

The cream will first turn into a whipped cream then will begin to separate

After continued mixing, the cream will be the consistency of churned butter.  If you prefer churned butter, you can stop at this stage.  If that is the case, you will have a delightful buttermilk in addition to the butter.  Using a strainer, strain the butter over a bowl removing the butter milk.  Press the remaining buttermilk out of the butter and form into a ball.  Run the ball of butter over cold water until the water runs clear.  You can refrigerate the buttermilk in an airtight container for two weeks.

To continue with whipped butter, mix until all the liquid is removed and the butter is the consistency of frosting.  The total mixing time is 25-30 minutes.

The end result is a soft and fluffy whipped butter with an amazingly pure taste.


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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

DIY a whole lot of plaid

I am the biggest fan of plaid on the planet! when shopping at Mood NY last month, I was looking for a few particular fabrics which plaid wasn't one of them.  Once I spotted this I had to have it.  It's a one way minimal stretch fabric that would work perfectly in many applications.  If your unable to pop in the store check out the selection of plaids here online.

I've made many plaid looks over the last couple of years but never made a full on plaid look.  I wanted to break it up a little showing a tad bit of skin so it wasn't so overwhelming.  The great thing about this look is each piece would work perfect as separates.

The top was made using my beloved Vogue V8840 with the following pattern alterations:

-Added 19" the the pattern length
-Added 29" side slits
-Removed the front seam
-Added a 22" invisible zipper down the back
-Faced the front and the back and lined the upper bodice with silk charmeuse
-Added 8" to the length of the bottom sleeve

The pants were made using McCalls M6404 view A with the following pattern alterations:

-Removed the knee inserts and welt pockets
-Removed 3" from the length
-Added 9" invisible zippers at the ankle
-Added a 3" waist band and a side invisible zipper

Booties-Manolo Blahnik
Belt-Roland Mouret

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Big announcement...........................

I'm super excited to announce I'm joining McCall's patterns as their newest licensed pattern designer under the McCall Brand.

This is truly a dream! since making my first skirt in May 2012, I have spent countless hours at the fabric store and online shopping the McCall line of patterns, so working with them as a designer for my own line of patterns is absolutely incredible.

My objective with the patterns I'm going to design is to provide sleek fashion forward designs with minimal pattern pieces making the sewing process easy for new sewers and a cake walk for experienced sewers.  My goal is to take the fear out of sewing with patterns proving if you have a desire you can do it.

Within the next few weeks, I will be coming up with my initial designs and would really like to know if you could design the perfect pattern what would it be? What do you feel is missing from today's patterns? What's holding you back from jumping into this sewing adventure?

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DIY high waist pants and cropped high low top

With the weather getting cooler and cooler in the evenings, I'm completely in heaven.  I absolutely live for fall and the fabulous fall fashions.

I looked in my closet and noticed I had only one pair of wide leg pants, which I happen to love by the way and unfortunately they seemed to fit quite different post baby.  Not quite sure what that's all about, probably the extra width of my hips which despite working out was probably inevitable.

So I knew a new pair of wide legs were in my future.

This fabric from is a must have when making pants that require movement.  It feels amazing, super comfortable and looks very luxe.

The pattern used for these pants was the same pattern I used for these plaid pants, which was from one of my favorite pairs of jeans I ripped up with a few changes:

-Removed the fly
-Added a 4" waist band
-Added a 9" side zipper
-Added 3" to the length

The top was made using a self drafted top which I'm in the process of making available to you for free download. (FYI time management)

Heels-Jimmy Choo
Clutch- Bottega Venetta

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

DIY Slouchy pants and off the shoulder top

With fall right around the corner and cooler mornings, I can't help but think about a fall wardrobe.  These drop crotch pants and off the shoulder top provide a great balance of sporty and sexy.  In addition to the perfect fall colors, the comfort level with this look is unbeatable.

The top was made using a cotton sateen by Theory.  This color is sold out but another great color is available here at  This is a great rich feeling fabric that would also make a fantastic fitted dress due to the weight and slight stretch.  The green fabric on the sleeve bottom was fabric I had in my stash.

The pants were made using this olive twill from  This fabric is great for medium weight pants.  It's extremely soft with a slight sheen and uber comfortable.

The top was made with a self drafted pattern available here with the following alterations:

-Added 9" to the length of the sleeve
-Added a 6" color block at the sleeve
-Added two rows of .25" elastic around the neck and sleeves
-Removed the straps option

The pants were made with a self drafted pattern that will be available on my next week.

Heels- Schutz

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sewpreneur Tip: How to Grow a Following

A couple of months ago I was part of the Bernina sewpreneur series where I discussed how to grow a following.  Here's a look at the video.


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Friday, August 14, 2015

DIY Off the shoulder top and midi with free pattern download

Many years ago Pier 1 Imports the international home goods store sold clothes, not sure if many (anyone) remembers that, but I can recall my mother coming in the house with a bag filled with strange looking clothes.  As I tore through the bag dreading the day my young self had to wear these embroidered and embellished getups, I came across a savior in the form of an off the shoulder cropped top.  This was my introductory into off the shoulder, and I've been sold ever since.

When deciding to make an off the shoulder top, I wanted a very crisp fabric which will make for a timeless piece.  I decided on a solid white cotton from item #301847. Unfortunately it sold out, but here are great shirting alternatives.

The skirt was made using this beautiful lightweight cotton jacquard fabric which is simply sublime.  It's crisp, bright white and perfect.

The pattern used for this top was one I self drafted and available to download free here.

The skirt was made using Butterick B5285 with the following pattern alterations:

Added 10" to the length
Used pleats instead of box pleats
Reduced the width of the waist band by 1/2"

Top worn tied in a bow in the back

Top- DIY Download pattern here
Shades- Stella McCartney
Heels- TopShop

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