Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DIY 1 Hr. Maxi Dress

I'm going to go ahead and blame my new found love of prints, especially polka dots on hormones and the camouflaging nature of a great print.  It's hard to believe I have only 9 weeks left to go and I'm happy to announce the only maternity wear I've purchased have been bras.  Mood Fabrics has made this process a cinch due to it's incredible fabric selection and the fact I can order a fabric with confidence that It will be just as described.

This dress was made with this beautiful cotton-viscose jersey found on moodfabrics.com   The fabric has plenty of stretch, is light weight and feels amazing on.

I didn't use a pattern for this quick and easy dress, but used my self-drafted instructions from this maxi I made last year.  This go round I made a few adjustments to accommodate the bump:

-Instead of measuring from the top of the bodice to the waist, I measured from the top of the bodice to 3" above my waist.

-For extra bust support, I added a asymmetric strap by cutting a piece of fabric 1" wide by 20" long.  Stitch fabric closed, turn it inside out, stitch one side of the strap to the inside of the front of the dress, add 2 sew on snaps to the other end of the strap and to the inside of the back of the dress.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY Denim-look shirt dress

I have absolutely loved denim dresses in the summer since the beginning of time, and this summer is no different with the exception of pregnancy.  Due to the fact I now tend to stay overwhelming hot all the time, I can't image a denim dress at this point so when I saw this denim-look linen at Moodfabrics.com, I knew I had to have it.  It's light, flowy and simply fantastic.  This fabric reminds me more of chambray as opposed to linen because of how soft it is.

This dress was made with McCalls M6520 view D, the same pattern used to make this shirt dress, with the following alterations:

Cut off the top of the back of the pattern at the arm pit. Place the top portion of the pattern on the fold of the fabric and place the bottom half 5 inches from the fold.  (this will give you enough fabric to allow you to make the inverted pleat on the bottom half of the back of the dress)

- (To make the inverted pleat) match up the ends of the top back fabric to the bottom back fabric. With the excess material in the middle, create the inverted pleat.

-Left out the collar and used the collar band only to create a mandarin, notched collar.

-Added 3 inches to the back hem to create a more asymmetric look.  

-Removed the sleeves from the pattern option and added a 1/2" band around the arm.

Dress: DIY
Heels: Pollini
Clutch: Vintage

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

DIY iIlusion Dress

The perfect dress for any growing frame is an illusion dress.  A darker fabric on the outside will give shape to any pattern.  This dress was made using this great lemon jersey fabric from Moodfabrics.com along with this black jersey.  Both are super simple to work with, great quality, easy cutting and sewing.

The pattern used for this dress was McCalls M6348 view C.  The only patten alteration was the removal of the back zipper.

Dress: DIY
Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti
Bag: Banana Republic

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Polka Dot Mini Wrap Dress

The end of last year I found myself pinning all these great polka dot dresses that I absolutely fell in love with and knew once spring and summer came I planned to fill my closet.  So when I spotted this gorgeous  Donna Karan silk on Moodfabrics.com It was exactly what I was looking for.  This fabric is light and flowy and just feels delightful.  Because this is a charmeuse, the true side of the fabric is a bit too shiny for me so I opted to use the wrong side which is a matte finish.  There is a bit of stretch to this fabric which would be perfect for more form fitting dresses.

The dress was made with this Vogue V8825 pattern with the following alterations:

-Used the bodice of the pattern only.  On the left side of the seam of the bodice, leave a 2" opening for t belt
-For the skirt, cut 2 pieces of fabric 25"W x 26"L and 1 piece of fabric 52"W x 26"L.  Connect each 25"w piece of fabric to each side of the 52"w fabric.
-Attach the skirt to the bodice matching the ends of the skirt to the ends of the bodice wrap.
-Pleat the excess fabric that's left in the middle which will create about 22 pleats.
-Connect the belt to the opening of each side of the end of the bodice where it meets the skirt.

Dress: DIY
Heels: Elizabeth & James
Clutch: here

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Monday, June 23, 2014

DIY Track pants and printed top

While searching through my closet for a pair of black pants that fit my waist comfortably, I came up completely empty handed so decided to whip up them super comfy elastic draw string waist pants in this delightful Italian crepe from Moodfabrics.com that's quite light, easy to sew and cut and perfect for warmer temps.  The pattern used for these pants is Vogue V8909  with the following alterations:

-At the waist, I used a draw cord elastic
-Added 1 1/2" to the length of the pattern
-At the ankle I used two rows of  1/4" wide elastics

The top was made with a Anna Sui silk from moodfabrics.com that's unfortunately sold out but here is an alternative that's just as nice.

The pattern used for this top was Butterick 5948 view C with the following alterations:

-Added two inches to the length of the pattern
-Added a drawstring around the bottom hem
-Removed the sleeves and added a 1/2" band on the neck and sleeves
-Added 2" to the front pattern piece to create a 2" fold at the neck, which gives me more belly room
-Added a 9" invisible zipper at the back of the neck

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Closet Clean Out

I've started my every six month closet clean out that consist of adding items to my shop my closet, giving things away and donating to the Goodwill.  For those of us that make a good majority of our clothes the closet tends to run out of space.  Unfortunately for me but great for the recipients,  I get bored with clothes very easily which results in a closet filled with items I barely wear.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY Floral Mini

I'm traditionally not a floral or print person but I'm taking this opportunity to go crazy with these camouflaging fabrics.  I find it quite liberating to not feel the need to scrutinize every aspect of my body while pregnant and simply embrace what's going on.  My motivation going through this process has been staying strong as opposed to trying to ward off the natural progression of pregnancy.  Lifting weights make me feel strong healthy and empowered which is so important at a time that's so life changing and takes you out of your normal comfort zone.

This dress was made with this jersey from Mood Fabrics which is crazy comfortable and definitely stand out.

The pattern used was this super simple Vogue V1314 which is a side ruched dress pattern but because I had only 45 minutes to make it I made the following alterations:

-Opted to leave the ruching out
-Cut the dress 1 size smaller than normal to accommodate for the left out ruching
-Removed 4" from the hem of the dress

Dress: DIY
Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti
Clutch: Ports 1961

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

DIY Little Green Dress

When I found out I was pregnant the goal was to only make clothes that will be post  pregnancy appropriate and so far at 6 months I'm sticking to my plan.  I figure with a few alterations here and there I should be ok.  The downside of being pregnant beside the nausea that won't manage to go away is the lack of awesome maternity clothes.  When you do a google search, all you seem to find is a bunch of stretchy dresses or tops with odd looking belts sitting at the top of your stomach.  All I could think of was this is absolutely not my style.  I still have the desire to dress like myself but accommodate my growing belly.  Thank goodness I'm capable of making my own clothes.

This dress was made using a ponte like fabric that's been in my cabinet for over a year and I have no clue where I purchased it.  It has a two-way stretch and it's very breathable.

The pattern used was this Vogue V1102   which also made an appearance last year here with the following alterations:

-Removed 1.5" from the bodice
-Removed the bow option
-Cut 2 pieces of fabric 41"x 21" sew each side of the fabric together, attach the side seams to the bodice side seams.  Pleat the fabric as as you attach it to the bodice and sew together using a double stitch.
-Add a 1.5" band to the hem

Dress: DIY
Heels: Sergio Rossi
Clutch-DIY here sold here

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Friday, June 13, 2014

DIY Summer peplum top

Due to the fact I'm fast approaching my third trimester and my mid section is changing daily right before my eyes, I have to find more creative ways to alter patterns like increasing the width of the back which gives me more stomach room without making me look like a tent, shortening the length of the bodice and lenghtening the hem.  This also means selecting fabrics that can accomodate all the changes.  This linen like cotton from moodfabrics.com is absolutely perfect! It's light, breathable and uber comfortable.  The inventory on this fabric is pretty low but fantastic alternatives are these beauties here and here found on moodfabrics.com

The pattern used was this Vogue V8815 view D with the following alterations:

- Added a 7" faced V-neck
-Increased the sleeve with by 1.5" and created a pleated top sleeve
-Added a 1.5" band around the wrist of the sleeve
-Removed the opening from the back neck of the pattern
-Removed 2" from the bodice of the front of the pattern
-Added 2" to the hem of the from of the pattern

Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Top: DIY
Heels: Alexander Wang

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY Jersey wrap dress

I've gained a love of prints lately so when the search began for a new jersey print, I spotted this beautiful zebra esq fabric at moodfabrics.com that is simply gorgeous.  It has a heavy stretch which makes it amazingly comfy for my growing body and is even more beautiful in person.  It's a medium weight that requires no slip and surprisngly for jersey, irons very well.

This dress was made with Butterick B5454 View C with the following alterations:

-Added 26" to the skirt
-Added 18 pleats around the skirt
-Removed 3" from the length of the bodice
-Added 2" to the length of the sleeve and added 1/2" elastic
-Added 6" to the length of the belt

Dress: DIY available for purchase here
Sandals: Giuseppe Zanotti
Cuff -Lanvin

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